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We are SAIVA, a startup founded in 2020 Berlin, Germany with the mission of becoming the authority in sports cognitive training by 2030. Our team features a range of specialist is Tactical Football, Sports Phycology, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Game Design. SAIVA (Sports AI Virtual Assistant) is the only game intelligence training solution on the market that helps football players improve both their tactical knowledge and decision-making speed.

SAIVA accurately reconstructs the action from real game play in 3D/VR, allowing teams to explore real game situations from any perspective and effectively close the feedback loop with clear in-context communication in a collaborative VR environment.

SAIVA allows players to safely train on-demand with repeated exposure to real game scenarios, developing spatial awareness, pattern recognition and game scanning skills without increasing their physical load.

Our solution is a one-stop shop for game intelligence training, enabling football teams to effectively conduct post-match analysis, tactical exploration, and opponent evaluation from anywhere, at any time, even during rehabilitation.

Technology: Artificial Intelligence - Machine Vision & Game Simulation

Year Founded: 2020

Based In: Berlin, Germany

Team Size: 10-20

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