GVA 2.0 Homerun

Technology: Digital Platform for sport injuries

Year Founded: 2019

Based In: Los Angeles, USA

Team Size: 5-10


OBTG is the First MedTech company in Orthobiologic created in an Application:1) By the top and most innovator doctors in Sport Medicine and Regenerative Medicine in the World, 2) Focused for High Performance and Amateur Athletes worldwide, 3) In order to Improve athlete’s health, decrease chronic and acute pain, prevent injuries, accelerate healing, improve quality of life with natural and minimal invasive techniques, 4) To give the opportunity to easy reach these high qualifies doctors in Sport Medicine and Regenerative Medicine around the World, 5) By using our App and online telemedicine platform for the delivery of remote consultations for treatment of multiples sport injuries with years of experience and scientific research with our highly qualifying Physicians from around the world.
Chronic pain from musculoskeletal conditions affects billions of people of all ages globally.

Today Regenerative Medicine have reduced 70% of the orthopedic surgeries with better results, in shorter of time and less expensive solutions. The highly innovated technologies takes 2 1⁄2-hour optimal treatment plan integrates the latest in orthopedic and skeletal-muscle science and technology, including extracting stem cells from bone marrow or fat tissue, and platelet-rich- plasma (PRP).

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