Blockchain Coaching and Performance GVA 2.0 Kosmos

Technology: NFC, Blockchain

Year Founded: 2018

Based In: Switzerland

Team Size: 10-20


Imagine a world where fans can directly engage with their beloved sports clubs. Take out your phone, use the NFC function, scan a merchandise product and get instantly all the relevant information about it. Due to its immutably linked, individual DNA on the blockchain, you know that it is 100% authentic, previous owners, and complete history. No need to be afraid of counterfeits anymore.

But even better, you receive direct content that is relevant for you directly into your pocket on your smartphone. Get in touch and receive exclusive insights, offers, and interactive applications from your favorite sports club and its partners.
Therefore, we equip products with dynamically encrypted CollectID NFC tags, which give each product an individual DNA and connect the physical product with digital content.

We’ve made it easy for YOU!

Meet the Founder of CollectID