Digital Platforms and Marketplaces Fan Engagement and Sponsorship Activation GVA 2.0 Kosmos

Technology: Digital Platform

Year Founded: 2012

Based In: Denver, Colorado, USA

Team Size: 1-5


Our KissCam 2.0 introduces the exclusive patented KissCam Contest to the world. The KissCam Contest creates increased fan engagement, new revenue, ad sales, and data collection at the sports venue. KissCam's is popularity is proven global with #Kisscam receiving over 580 million views on TikTok, all organic. KissCam LLC is expanding the KissCam platform into global sports leagues that haven't included the KissCam Contest in their games. KissCam's business expansion includes the music video industry and Esports through a partnership with ESTV, the worlds largest 24/7 Esports gaming platform. The KissCam brand was created 40 years ago, its brand recognition is known and loved worldwide has ,now entered the digital and social media world.

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