Shot Scope Technologies

Shot Scope is an Edinburgh-based company, which has developed the first fully automated performance tracking system for golf. The product is designed, manufactured and engineered in Scotland and brings wearable technology to the golf industry.

Fan Engagement and Sponsorship Activation

Red Dot Drone

Focuses on autonomous aerial filming technology, provide software controlling multiple drones at the same time, capturing from multiple angles for video analytics to improve on athlete performance as well as fan engagement.

Digital Platforms and Marketplaces


Playerhunter is an Austrian online career platform for the football community.

Smart Venues


We provide innovative and patented B2B cashless payment solutions. Our clients mainly belong to the following industries : tourism, entertainment and development.

Digital Platforms and Marketplaces


MyNextMatch® is a single platform solution for communication and knowledge sharing in competitive and recreational sports.

Coaching and Performance

Sci Sports

SciSports is one of the fastest growing sports analytics companies in the world and a leading provider of football data intelligence for professional football organisations, football players, media and entertainment. The European Union named SciSports ‘European Unicorn’ and the HYPE Foundation named the company as the most innovative company in the world of football.

Fitness and Training

Komodo Monitr

Focuses on athlete development platform for strength & conditioning (S&C) coaches that work with amateur athletes. It automates providing key insights on each athlete so coaches can focus on developing and preparing athletes.

Health and Injury prevention


Kitman Labs is the industry leading sports analytics company, using artificial intelligence to increase athlete performance and health. Teams around the world in the NFL, NBA, NHL, EPL, Bundesliga, AFL, NRL and more rely on Kitman Labs’​ powerful insights to put their best team on the field and outperform the competition.

Coaching and Performance

Kinexit Nordix AB

Kinexit is an online subscription service bringing individualized movement to those serious about health, fitness, and sports… Active people, athletes and those who coach, train and treat them. Activity participation and sports performance is fully individualized and optimized to drive fast results. Movement restrictions are found and fixed to unlock greater possibilities for anyone. All this in an affordable subscription on your mobile device.