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One Hundred is an innovative company in the sports, media, and technology space, committed to transforming the fast-growing world of Trail Running. The company leverages its unique blend of expertise to deliver exceptional, high-stakes events, like the inaugural Ultra Trail Endurance World Championship, promising a thrilling F1-style series by 2027. Backed by high-profile investors and having successfully navigated strategic funding campaigns, One Hundred Group Ltd. is revolutionizing the endurance running landscape while fostering a global community of over 25 million runners. Their updated Unique Value Proposition (UVP) lies in their unmatched fusion of trail endurance running events with immersive media experiences, bolstered by technological advancements, thus elevating the sport to unprecedented heights.

Technology: Trail Running Events, Digital Platform, Broadcasting

Year Founded: 2019

Based In: United Kingdom

Team Size: 10-20

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