What I Learned in 2022:
5 Lessons from HYPE Sports Tech Founders

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Many startups did not survive the effects of 2020 and 2021. This year was pivotal for those who succeeded in emerging into the new sports era. We spoke with a few of our HYPE Sports Innovation founders, and asked them: What did they learn as startups in 2022?

#1 – You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Steve Shulman – Founder & CEO, CounterTEN

This famous saying by Wayne Gretzky rings very true in the startup world. You never know what action/meeting/event may connect you with someone who can help further your business goals. We met our largest funder in a pizza restaurant while waiting for our food. Keep an open mind, put yourself out there, stay positive, and be open to new opportunities. Wishing everyone a healthy and successful 2023!

CounterTEN is a fan engagement and rewards platform built on NFT technology.

#2 – The fortune is in the follow-up!

Atharva Sabnis – Co-Founder, NFT Labs

One way that founders need to manifest perseverance in their startup is by engaging in constant follow-ups with stakeholders like prospective customers, investors, and other well-wishers. It is easy to slip up on this when it seems there’s nothing to gain near-term from such communication. However, it can be the key in maintaining mind-share among your prospects and this can lead to magic! In 2023, consistent follow-up is our commitment to self.

NFT Labs is a web3 company exploring big ideas in community, utility and engagement to push the crypto, NFT and metaverse space forward.

#3 – Focus on your customers

Nihal Pradeep – Co-Founder, DARTLE

Having a customer-centric approach has helped us build solutions that are tailored to their specific day-to-day requirements. This has helped us create a fantastic rapport with our early adopters which has helped spread positive word of mouth about us in the hyperlocal community.

Dartle is a B2B2C sports performance analysis and talent identification platform for sports academies/schools

#4 – It Pays to Share Info.

Mali Kuba – VP of Business Development, YABI Technologies

A few weeks ago I heard about a startup company that had to fire most of its workers, and they are looking for an investment fund. They had a hard time looking for funds or angels that could help them. I talked to their co-founder (we are in the same accelerator program) and connected them with an investment fund that knows our company and can express interest in their project. I don’t know if anything came of it, but, the main message that’s guided me is that we never know when our business paths will intersect.

YABI Technologies is a Physical Identification and Access Management Platform. Powered by AI, our platform allows you to simplify and secure access.

#5 – More important than solving a problem, is solving a problem for someone.

Nuno Fernandez – Co-Founder & CEO, Exeedme

We had a wonderful product that provides the necessary tooling for Gaming communities to organize gaming competitions and scale their activities. But it was through a number of Reverse Pitches with Clubs and Brands that we understood how many of them are struggling to connect with the younger generation. That helped us realise that more than tooling we were allowing the creation of entertaining experiences that Clubs and Brands could use to connect in an authentic manner to this younger generation. Being allowed to connect and pitch directly to a number of Clubs and Brands allowed us to receive immediate feedback about how meaningful is the solution that we are bringim them.

Exeedme was founded in December 2020 and is a web3 tournament platform

We’re committed to driving the sports industry forward through. If you would like to join the above founders in our ecosystem and become a HYPE Startup, you can begin the 1-minute application process Apply Here.

Do you have a #startupfounder lesson that wasn’t mentioned? let us know in the comments!

Special Thanks to Nihal Pradeep, Steve Shulman, Atharva Sabnis, Mali Kuba, and Nuno Fernandes for your input above.


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