Web 3.0 and Metaverse – Making the World a Better Place

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18 ways in which Web 3.0 could transform our lives for the better. 

Last week, I created a post on my linkedin account asking for some crowd wisdom about how the metaverse may contribute to our daily lives in a positive way. 

I found many of the answers very diverse and interesting, so I decided to jump deeper into this topic and put together 18 ways (9 of them sports tech related) that the Web 3.0 revolution could transform our daily lives for the better.  

First, I would like to thank you all for the engagement and crazy ideas, let’s dive in:

1. Social connections – converting our 2D digital screen interactions into 3D human immersive experiences:

Today, most of our digital interactions are in front of 2D digital screens (phones and laptops). In my opinion, the metaverse will not replace our physical and personal interactions with our close friends, but instead, will help transform our current 2D digital interactions into 3D immersive experiences with our friends, work colleagues and overseas families.

Example: Instead of texting or calling our long distance friend, we will be able to jump on a quick 3D call with him and connect in a naturalistic experience.

2. 3D Education – immersive education and learning experiences:

Children are the future, and if you have children at home you probably know that the future likes driving us crazy 🙂 children love feeling the action and excitement in every part of the day.

One area that the metaverse can help create more excitement for kids is the education sector, using digital 3D experiences to help make the learning and education more fun and immersive.

Example: A teacher teaching children about the machu picchu, can show them what it actually looks like with an immersive experience and teach them about the culture in an exciting way.

Research has shown that a lesson in VR would be more effective than the same lesson delivered via standard video. The students that had the VR lesson had higher ratings of presence, interest, and excitement.

3. 3D Meetings and Presentations – Reshaping our work environment:

Virtual workplaces can provide a better demarcation between home and work life, Improve the teamwork and collaboration, and help improve our work- life balance.

Example: An international team can have a virtual meeting and present ideas using a 3D meeting. In addition, designers, architects and engineers could present their ideas using 3D holograms to help get an accurate understanding in a realistic way.

Research– a research from the Harvard business review is a detailed review on how the metaverse could change our workplaces.

4. Blockchain Cybersecurity – the next level of Internet security:

Blockchain Cybersecurity is one of the most secure technologies that has ever been created. to hack a blockchain secured item will take a hacker an estimate of septillion (10^24) years. The internet will now become a more safe and secure place. 

We will be able to keep our currencies, digital assets, and digital documents in a secure way without the need of a third party involved. 

Example: due to the blockchain security system, the democratic voting system could potentially become fully digital in a secure way, and all paper currencies and transactions could also become digital.

5. Meta health- revolutionizing the healthcare industry:

What if I told you that the virtual health care systems are going to change nearly in every aspect. From virtual 3D doctor diagnosing, to digital twin treatments for testing, secure health data and much more.

Example: If you’re in Europe and the best specialist to deal with your particular condition happens to be in India, you can effectively be in the same room simply by using headsets and connecting in the meta health system.

6. Equal opportunities to inaccessible people:

The metaverse will allow seniors and people with disabilities to enjoy new experiences that may not have been fully accessible to them.

Example: Our elderly loved ones will be able to connect and socialize in a convenient way, meet the virtual doctor on a weekly basis and explore new places around the world that they might not otherwise.

7. Meta Jobs – New work, and business opportunities:

Besides the obvious requirement for software developers, the real estate being snapped up in the metaverse presents ample opportunities for jobs that help landowners utilize their new virtual spaces. All kinds of designers, from 3D modeling to graphics and interior design, are needed in the virtual world.

Additionally, similar to previous web revolutions, many startups will rise in the coming years in many different aspects, and we will soon see many web 3.0 unicorns starting to dominate the market.

8. Web 3.0. – Sustainability:

Traditionally, web 3.0. has gotten a bad rap when it comes to the environment. This is largely due to the energy intensity of Bitcoin mining. 

However, the web 3.0 ecosystem is extremely diverse, and there are many projects and collectives with a focus on the environment that are taking tangible action to support regenerative projects and combat climate change. 

Example: With the help of blockchain smart contracts, the world could reduce the amount of printed paper, as many documents, contracts and currencies will become digital and more sustainable.

ProjectsHere you can find a list of 20 web 3.0. sustainable important projects that are currently taking place around the world.

9. Decentralized communities will arise:

Within Web 3.0, users can form communities called decentralized autonomous organizations, or DAOs, and vote to collectively manage the decision-making and direction taken by a platform. 

This is designed to reduce the power of third parties where leadership and management are only carried out by a few select individuals.

Example: A hotel with many branches around the world could create a decentralized network, and it could be fully managed with the decisions of the network and smart contracts without the need of a third party involved.

Sport tech topics:

The sports tech world is going to revolutionize in every single aspect.

  • Why have only 1 referee, if using blockchain decentralization the whole crowd could make the referee decisions?
  • Imagine catching a baseball in a metaverse MLB game and having it delivered to your front door in the physical world. 

These are only a few examples of the impact web 3.0 and metaverse will have on the sports world, let’s dive in for more:

1. Live sport experience – better than ever before:

From 3D immersive experiences in our living rooms with real time live data ,and adjusting camera viewing options, to watching a live match alongside our long distance friends. These are only a glimpse of what we are going to experience during a live match in the web 3.0. Revolution.

Example: how would you feel if Messi could celebrate a goal in your living room? 

Stay tuned, as we are familiar with many startups that are creating a large impact in this area.

2. Fit Tech – Immersive 3D Fitness classes with our friends:

The Metaverse Fitness will transport the users into the middle of a virtual workout session. The VR vistas will then combine with music, visuals, wearables, and Instructors that will create an exhilarating experience for those who are part of the session. 

It will be an experience that will take the fitness industry to an all-new level of innovation. As a result, People will focus more on workouts and healthy lifestyles, as the new tech will be intriguing.

3. Restructuring sports betting with blockchain cybersecurity:

Implementing blockchain security into sports betting will allow the betting industry to become more secured and decentralized.

This will allow many peer to peer betting opportunities to emerge using smart contracts and reduce the need of third betting parties involved. 

4. Equal access opportunities to events:

Fans who might not be able to attend an in-person tour or event because of accessibility or distance issues will have an equal opportunity using 3D tickets and seats at live events.

Example: a real madrid fan from Asia will be able to buy a virtual ticket to the champions league final and watch his favorite athletes as if he is in the stadium.

5. Athlete 3D Training opportunities:

Realistic simulators will give athletes the opportunity to make their training more efficient and productive.

Example: A formula 1 driver will be able to train in a virtual racing track and it will feel as if he is reeling on the track, this will reduce injuries and shorten training resources.

6. Real time 3D health care for athletes:

During the Olympics, when there are a multiple number of athletes on the field, using 3D wearable technology and sensors, the healthcare team will be able to take care of all the athletes simultaneously.

In addition, 3D weekly check ups and secure health data will help the doctors keep full track of the athletes in order to prevent injuries. 

7. Pre-match Stadium entertainment for sports fans:

Game time innovations could include fans using smart glasses to experience the game for an immersive experience. 

Using the glasses the fans will be able to navigate in the stadium, display live stats of the game, preview instant replays and watch pre-game shows with augmented reality features. 

8. New revenue opportunities for sports teams and athletes:

NFT collectables, fan tokens, virtual 3D event tickets, virtual 3D merchandise, and many more opportunities will help teams expand their international fan base and reach larger audiences in order to maximize their revenue opportunities like never before.

9. Entertainment – upgrade the esports and gaming experiences into the virtual world:


Despite many of the positive impacts that the web 3.0 revolution will have on our lives, their are also many unsolved challenges, here are a few challenges:

  • Needs a 5G network because of heavy graphics.
  • Privacy risks.
  • Mental health issues.
  • Uncertainty in new markets.

It is our responsibility to solve the challenges and lead this revolution into the right direction in order to create a better future for ourselves and our children. 

At HYPE Sports Innovation our vision is to lead this revolution and find the next Web 3.0 and Metaverse Unicorns that will help impact our lives for the better.

So, will you be leading alongside us in the Web 3.0 Revolution?

Stay tuned for more.

Amir Raveh HYPE S.I

Research: Yonatan Larkin HYPE S.I.


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