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Top 12 SportsTech solutions for 2024

Hold onto your popcorn, Sports leaders.

These 12 startups aren’t dabbling in daydreams; they’re building tomorrow’s sports ecosystem, brick by disruptive brick. Forget tinkering with margins – these visionaries are rewriting the entire playbook.
So, strap in for a whistle-stop tour where athletes push the boundaries, fans become active participants, and memories are so real you’ll need smelling salts for the virtual sweat. Buckle up, Sports leaders, because the future of your bottom line is is looking ridiculously bright.

1) Mindfly – A New Perspective in Sports

MindFly is an AI-powered sports technology company that provides an end-to-end platform for capturing and delivering unique player point of view footage. Their core offering is the MindFly AI BodyCam, a lightweight, wearable camera designed for athletes and referees to capture immersive, stabilized video during gameplay.

Mindfly aims to revolutionize sports broadcasting by providing unique POV footage and automated content creation, empower athletes by sharing their experiences directly with fans

2) OnePlan – Map, Design, and Plan Your Events Seamlessly

OnePlan is a cloud-based event planning platform that brings together the best of CAD (computer aided design) and mapping technology in a user-friendly interface. It offers a collaborative and real-time solution for anyone planning an event, from small gatherings to large-scale festivals. With its free-to-start plan you get right in the door without paying a single dime. 

Event planners would benefit from as they save time and resources, make better decisions and create a safer and more sustainable event

3) Qortex.AI – The Moments Marketing Revolution in Video Advertising

Qortex.AI is an intelligent video analytics company that brings a revolutionary approach to video advertising called Moments Marketing. Their mission is to transform online video advertising from intrusive interruptions to engaging experiences. With its AI powered technology, advertisers can benefit from reaching engaged audiences at the perfect moment, achieve higher completion rates and click-through rates, and cookieless targeting making it future-proof in the cookieless era.

As a testament to their place in the SportsTech scene, Qortex.ai recently raised $10 million

4) CounterTen – Connecting Fans and Sports Brands Through Digital Identity

CounterTEN is the platform that empowers sports organizations, from youth leagues to professional teams, to cultivate deeper and more meaningful connections with their fans. They achieve this through a suite of integrated solutions which focus on digital identity, enhanced experiences and event management. It’s unique value proposition on digital collectibles, content management and data analytics and premium experiences make it the go-to platform for exclusivity when organizing events.

5) CollectID – Unifying the Physical and Digital Worlds through “Phygital” Innovation

Ever wanted to own the same product physically and digitally? CollectID is pioneering the concept of “phygital” experiences for brands and consumers. They bridge the gap between physical products and the digital realm through their innovative technology with three main components which include NFC tags, blockchain technology and their mobile app. Products are equipped with secure, NFC tags containing unique and encrypted identifiers. This is especially invaluable for brands and teams in a number of ways including; combating counterfeiting by verifying product authenticity, unlocking new revenue streams by creating and selling limited-edition digital experiences tied to physical products, like NFTs or exclusive content. You can gain valuable and rich customer data on consumer behavior and preferences through app interactions.

6) Drivecast – See Sports Differently 

DriveCast is a cutting-edge technology company specializing in tracking fast-moving objects and enhancing autosport broadcasts with immersive Augmented Reality (AR) experiences. They primarily do this using their AI-powered object tracking which utilizes AI algorithms to seamlessly track fast-moving vehicles in real-time, even under challenging conditions. Post tracking, live AR overlays including driver names, car stats, race positions are also used. The benefits here for content owners is to enhance broadcast value, attract new viewers, and stand out from the competition. Online and TV broadcasters can also deliver a more engaging and interactive viewing experience .

7) Condense Reality – Engage Like Never Before

Condense Reality is focused on bridging the gap between virtual and physical spaces through live 3D video technologies. They specialize in two main areas. The first is the Studio 5, an all-in-one platform for hosting live events in virtual spaces. Think concerts, conferences, gaming experiences, and more – all happening within a 3D environment accessible through VR, AR, PC or Mac, mobile, and web. The main offerings of Studio 5 includes Immersive experience with  3D spaces and avatars creating a sense of presence and connection for both performers and audiences. The second is the Condense Reality SDK, a suite of software development tools that allows integration of live 3D video into existing games and virtual worlds. This opens up the doors for livestreaming within virtual games, bringing real-world events into the metaverse and creating interactive environments

8) Respo.Vision – Revolutionizing Sports with 3D Tracking and AI Insights

ReSpo.Vision is an AI-powered computer vision company that reimagines sports through in-depth data analysis and immersive visualization. Their specialty lies on two fronts; 3D skeletal tracking & Unmatched accuracy. 

For 3D skeletal tracking, their proprietary system automatically generates 3D positional data for every player and the ball, down to 50+ body keypoints, even from single-camera recordings for live broadcasts, past games, and any video footage.

For Unmatched accuracy, their system boasts centimeter-level accuracy, eliminating the need for expensive pre-installed cameras or wearable sensors.

9) Full Venue – Predictability Today

Full Venue is an AI-powered platform that helps sports, retail, and event industry clients increase their online sales at a lower cost through high-propensity buying audiences. The platform uses AI to predict the exact likelihood of a potential customer making a purchase, allowing businesses to target their marketing efforts more effectively. Some key features include Segmentation, Personalization & Automation. Full Venue has been successful in helping its clients to increase their online sales.

10) Fan Fest – Engage the World

FanFest is a fan centered engagement platform that allows brands and teams to get the most out of their fan base while also developing and enriching their brand culture. The offering can be segmented into two parts: FanFest for Entertainment Brands & FanFest for Live Events.

FanFest for Entertainment Brands: Here, fans get membership or token-gated virtual experiences. Prominent features include interactive live shows, exclusive content, virtual avatars, and gamified interactions. 

FanFest for Live Events: Here, events are hosted and watched live with features like chat, tipping, and virtual gifts. Viewers can interact with creators through chat, tipping, and virtual gifts, creating a more engaging experience. 

11) Tally – Ignite fan passion worldwide

Tally is a fan engagement platform that uses activation and gamification to illuminate any live game. They  have developed a customizable activation platform that provides for deeper fan engagement and collects valuable, data-led insights through mediums such as polls, quizzes, games and much more and have so far worked at an impressive 50% marketing opt-in rate.

12) PumpjackDataWorks – Organize, value, and trade your fan data

Pumpjack is a fan experience technology company focused on the intersection of teams, venues, and fans. They are a turnkey solution provider for unlocking data intelligence and driving digital revenue growth that helps sports and entertainment organizations understand their fans better.

They are able to do this by empowering organizations with a 360-degree view of their fan base by tracking fan behavior, preferences, and engagement across touchpoints. This in turn uncovers new revenue opportunities. Ultimately, this bridges the gap between data and action.

We are helping over 100 sports properties to increase revenue and reduce costs through innovation – Feel free to ask me how. 

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