The Triple Impact Playbook 

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A step-by-step guide to solve Business Challengesthrough Innovation. Convert tech into ROI, reduce costs, optimize processes & create new revenue streams

This Playbook serves as an indispensable guide for sports properties to harness innovation and technology for long-term success. It provides a comprehensive roadmap, from assessing innovation readiness to optimizing implementation, to convert innovation’s potential into tangible ROI.

By analyzing common barriers like risk aversion and lack of expertise, the Playbook demonstrates why technology adoption is imperative for the sports brands of today. Groundbreaking innovations like AI, AR/VR, and quantum computing promise to transform sports engagement, performance, and experiences. To capitalize on this, sports entities must focus on agile collaboration with startups, sharp alignment to business objectives, and meticulous execution planning.

Balanced innovation strategies outlined herein, including open collaboration, measurement frameworks, and identifying high-impact focus areas, enable sports properties to unlock innovation’s multifaceted benefits. These include increased revenue streams, enhanced efficiency, improved processes, next-gen experiences, and a competitive edge. Well-planned innovation and technology integration can optimize costs, training, and operations. 

With insightful analysis, practical tools, and real-world frameworks, The SportsTech Playbook guides sports business leaders to successfully leverage innovation. For the dynamic world of sports, it serves as a guide to help you harness technology’s immense transformative potential. Sports brands that embrace innovation thoughtfully are best positioned to thrill digitally-savvy fans, boost performance, and drive growth through emerging technologies.


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