The Day after the Vaccine – 5 Actions You Must Take Now!

A Short Summary of a few actionable items that will set your business up now, to succeed post pandemic.

Years ago I met Andy Grove, the former President and CEO of Intel, in Tel Aviv. “The paranoid survives but the optimistic thrive”, he said to me.

I recalled his statement this morning when I saw this headline :

Two developers of the COVID-19 vaccine — Pfizer and BioNTech — said that they will have a COVID-19 vaccine ready for approval by October. Well, this could be too optimistic. But…  what if, what if we could start 2021 with a vaccine?   I know this could be difficult to imagine, but what if suddenly this pandemic will be over and the Market will come back to life like never before?

Will you be ready?  Will your company be there for this wave of opportunities that will shake the land?

These are the 5 actions I would do, to get my company ready for the post-vaccine day:

  1. Create a DAY AFTER plan – Have a 3 game plan scenarios:  Growth, Massive growth, Ludicrous growth. Get your team to make a real plan for crazy growth, which platforms? Automation?  Which partnership strategies will you use? What will you do if you can get your sales process, customer journey and experience, CRM, and Automation as if we are in 2025?  
  2. Plan your “Ferrari” Premium product. – If the market is great, do you have a First Class type of product for customers looking for exactly that? How would you price it? Will you target a different audience?
  3. Own your own data! – Most of us still allow third parties like Facebook or LinkedIn to own your data. If the market is great, which platforms would you use to own and manage your data? 
  4. Have an exit strategy in place, if applicable. – In crazy growth times – Industry Giants (If it’s not you) will focus on fast acquisitions. Get a pre-plan map of who could be a potential buyer for your business and why. Make sure you are on their radar. 
  5. Ensure you have a relevant vision and be ready to share your story on the biggest platforms. – In good times people go back to emotional buying, people are willing to pay more for brands they are related to their vision and story like Tesla/ Apple.

“The paranoid survive but the optimistic thrive” –

Andy Grove – Former CEO of Intel

Where are you on this? 

About the Author

Amir Raveh Speaking at SPOBIS 2019
President & Founder of HYPE Sports Innovation


  • Danny Abramovich

    Oct 18, 2020

    Dear Amir, keep up the great work and the prominent to-do list.

  • Michael Eckstein

    Oct 14, 2020

    Great points, awesome game plan! Thanks for the presentation.

  • Georgina Bowman

    Oct 13, 2020

    1) Day after plan - massive growth by a marketing campaign on mainly instagram for shooting community, but LinkedIn & fb too. 2) Ferrari premium product - can provide with enough investment (that's why my ask kept changing - but to be first to market it needs to be large enough) I can have Boris back on my deck, which would be my dream, if he wasn't having equity this would cost £80K for mvp. I can target any sport once the mvp is built as the idea is totally scalable. 3) The biggest wealth my app is creating is data so there is no way it would be stored on FB or LinkedIn. An expert within blockchain would have the answers. 4) 8-9 exits already found that just in shooting. Therefore, if I was helped to scale it vertically through all sports the exit options would increase 10 fold. 5) You probably can see I've started telling my story on LinkedIn on Sunday, no problem with my story. How can I answer these questions well enough, if I don't have your plan. Am I looking for investment to get my mvp built or are you taking me on to get the mvp built? It's really hard for me, as I seem to be working on all options. I don't want to make the wrong decision. As building a cheap mvp won't be investable. Does me not having a co-founder affect the decision?