The KNOCK-OUT Stages Have Begun

7 do-or-die ways to dominate the next round of home viewing experiences.

The Knock-Out Stages Have Begun.

7 do-or-die ways to dominate the next round of home viewing experiences.


  • Live action: Qatar World Cup was the most viewed sports event in history, with over 5 Billion viewers expected to engage during the live action.
  • The PAIN: Many right holders are bleeding and leaving money on the table because they do not understand their audience’s expectations and are not using the immersive, meaningful experience tools available today.
  • NOW: It’s important to realize that giant players are taking strategic moves to shake the tree of the future of live broadcasting.
  • GENZ: As the younger audiences are losing attention, the world of viewing is shifting from traditional, passive experiences to more active and engaging ones.

The power of LIVE ACTION:

With the Qatar World Cup 2022 just around the corner, FIFA president Gianni Infantino has recently announced that the upcoming tournament is expected to attract over 5 Billion live viewers around the globe.

OTT (a.k.a. streaming) services have radically changed the way we consume media, however, only sporting events need to be watched as they happen. As sports enthusiasts, we accept nothing less than true, fast-paced, live-action!

Soon, only those media companies that can combine current OTT service personalization hacks with the real power of live sports broadcasting, will be in pole position to win home viewing audiences.

The question is… what can be done today to get a clear edge?

7 do-or-die ways to create an unbeatable live viewing experience:

Here, we’ve put together 7 methods sports media companies can implement for a real edge in the live sports market. You’ll find some methods that can be implemented RIGHT NOW, with others first requiring solid infrastructure to be installed.

  • #1 – Personalized Viewing Experiences

Implementable: RIGHT NOW

A new ‘Netflix’ needs to be created for the sports media industry to showcase the power of personalized content during live sporting events.

For instance, a Lakers fan watching an NBA stream should be able to view live stats and pre-game content based on their team, while a Warriors fan should get different content that aligns with theirs.

This extends to social media advertising in the run-up to the event, with sports media companies creating live, personalized ads.

  • #2 – Co-viewing Virtual VIP Rooms

Implementable: Right Now

A great way to add a social element that mirrors what fans experience INSIDE sports venues is to create virtual co-viewing rooms.

These rooms allow fans to watch games with friends and family, join influencer communities or even access exclusive VIP networking rooms featuring star hosts during live events.

They’re already in use by Twitch and YouTube hosts, however, younger fans are watching via second-screens. The main screen is preferred, so modern fan communities can be more easily leveraged by influencers to pave the way for new revenue engines.

Startups in this area: Fanfest live, Bleachr.

  • #3 – Behind the Scenes Content

Implementable: RIGHT NOW

A Behind the Scenes look at sports, movies, or TV has always had an appeal, evidenced the UFC’s multi-million dollar deal with TikTok.

This has led to live UFC streams covering daily and pre-match interactions with athletes, extra behind-the-scenes footage, and the @UFC account hitting 6.3 million followers – the 3rd-largest sports following on the platform.

Modern fans demand more, particularly those belonging to Generation Z, whose cultural surroundings have set expectations in this social media-driven age.

Startups in this area: Mindfly, CatapultX.

  • #4 – The At-Home Holographic Experience

Implementable: After infrastructure is in place

Advances in technology now mean fans with smart devices can access holographic TV-viewing experiences that begin to blur the lines between at-home & in-stadium sports viewing experiences.

OTT platforms harness holographic technology for an immersive experience. E.g. a fan watching the Tour de France could jump on their Internet-connected stationary bicycle at home to get a 3D view of the racers or even join the race as a virtual competitor.

This represents an unforgettable view of any sporting event, bringing with it unprecedented levels of interaction.

Startups in this area: ImagineAR, Splink, FansXR.

  • #5 – Customized Broadcasting Camera Angles

Implementable: After infrastructure is in place.

A choice of viewing angles is another great premium feature that allows fans to choose their preferred game perspective. How does this work?

Well, a fan could watch an NFL game through the eyes of their favourite quarterback as they make the winning pass or goalkeeper facing a crucial last-minute penalty in the Champions League Final.

Any sports media company wanting to offer a premium service should have a network that features multiple perspectives of the action so that consumers can compare views and decide what they want to focus on.

Startups in this area: Snipitz, Mindfly, FlightOps.

  • #6 – Active & Engaging Experiences for GenZ Fans

Implementable: After infrastructure is in place

Gen Z fans demand a certain standard when they view any kind of entertainment, which may lead to a whole generation being lost to sports broadcasting if the right experiences, products and services aren’t provided.

However, while watching live sports might traditionally be a passive experience, OTT platforms can transform the activity by offering robust integrations with eSports platforms that offer real-time gamified activities for younger audiences.

Live game predictions, an augmented reality view of athletes and opportunities to win prizes during events are all features that can be implemented to give the younger generation an active experience of the game.

Startups in this area: Gamifly, FootAR, Playersvote. PlayTally, Fanpictor.

Fans watching Sports at Home
  • #7 – Premium Subscription Plans

Implementable: RIGHT NOW

Just like Premium seating options offered in sports venues, those watching live at home should be given access to unique subscription plans.

What a Premium subscription might offer to the viewer…

  • Better quality view of events as they unfold
  • Premium content before, during & after the game
  • Special fan engagement features during live events
  • More devices per membership, more family users

Enhanced features like these can transform the live sporting experience, offering a new dimension for viewers.

With Premium subscription plans in place, the following 6 methods can be offered as premium features to audiences viewing at home.

Later stage Implementations

Later stage implementations will take place parallel to the Web 3.0 revolution, as the internet evolves to understand data in a human-like manner.

At present, 10 million augmented glasses are available in the market, representing just 0.12% of the world’s population. As the hardware becomes more user-friendly, efficient and sophisticated, the live sports Metaverse market will surely scale rapidly.

Bonus – Strategic moves in the OTT knock-out stage:

Serious tech big hitters have recently made significant strategic partnerships in this field. Let’s take a look at some of the large tech companies branching out into live entertainment.

  • Apple TV & The MLS, the MLS recently struck a deal with Apple to make their streaming platform, Apple TV, the exclusive destination to watch every single MLS match live, beginning in 2023.
  • Amazon Prime & The NFL, the NFL awarded “Thursday Night Football” rights to Amazon Prime Video as part of a $1 billion-a-year deal that runs through 2033. That’s on top of an Amazon rights deal already completed with the UK’s Premier League, Ligue 1 in France, and many others.
  • Google & DAZN, DAZN has inked partnerships with technology giants Google and Samsung that will enable customers to access special offers for the sports streaming subscription service.

With high competition for streaming rights and demand for engaging sports experiences from younger audiences, media companies are realizing that NOW is the time to take the steps necessary to provide audiences with more than just the game.

Keeping Sports Fans, Front & Center

If there was ever a time to be excited about being a sportscaster in the world of sports media, it is now. Modern technology allows streaming companies to offer audiences an array of live features that upgrade the home viewing experience in a blink of an eye.

Understanding the home-viewing audience’s needs and catering to them is a key step in shaping the live sports field and creating a long-term impact.

So, if you’re looking to get into this growing industry or want to stay ahead of the curve, contact us today for consulting on all your live sports streaming needs.

Stay tuned for more,

Amir Raveh HYPE S.I

Featuring: Fanfest live, Bleachr, ImagineAR, Splink, FansXR, Snipitz, Mindfly, CatapultX, Gamifly, FootAR, Playersvote, FlightOps.


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