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Shot Scope Technologies

Shot Scope is an Edinburgh-based company, which has developed the first fully automated performance tracking system for golf. The product is designed, manufactured and engineered in Scotland and brings wearable technology to the golf industry.



Golfication is co-creating Golf’s first super-wearable powered by AI, with the help of passionate golfers all around the world. The company aims to make life of the golf course better, through lower scores and more fun. Go;fication allows you to mprove your swing plane, speed & tempo, to optimize distance and accuracy with every club, and to track strokes-gained and advanced shot stats with fully automatic shot tracking.


Goal Five

Goal Five is the soccer apparel brand for her. By reimagining the game and designing striking apparel that fits her needs, Goal Five has dedicated itself to empowering women and girls to play soccer. By giving five percent of profit to organizations helping more girls around the world gain access to soccer, Goal Five is leading a movement to achieve gender equality in the beautiful game.

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Fitfully allows customers who want to buy shoes online find the right size without going to the store to try on the shoes. The customer scans their foot using the Mobile app and the camera itself. The system produces a 3D model of the foot from the scan, introduces the model into a 3D model of the pair of shoes that the user wants to try on, measures the 3D shape of one against the other and recommends the correct size.


HeartIn Inc.

Heartin created a unique smart t-shirt with build in sensors that brings wellness solutions and cardio-diagnostic to the mass market.