SportsTech Investment Recap – July 27th

Sports Industry Money – 3 Min Read

Saudi Arabia Reportedly Offers $1.1 Billion for Kylian Mbappe

Saudi Arabia has reportedly made a staggering offer of $1.1 billion to sign Kylian Mbappe, the French football superstar. This bid, if accepted, would make it the most expensive transfer in football history, signifying the kingdom’s growing interest in top-tier players and the sport’s global influence.

Why do airlines spend so much on sport sponsorship deals?

Explore the rationale behind airlines’ engagement in sports sponsorship deals. Such partnerships provide airlines with increased brand exposure, opportunities for customer interaction, and access to specific demographics, ultimately boosting their reputation and presence in the market. By aligning with sports events and teams, airlines can effectively connect with their target audience and enhance their overall marketing strategy.

2023 Women’s World Cup sells out sponsorship packages with 150% increase in partners for the event

The Women’s World Cup has sold out all its sponsorship opportunities for the upcoming event. This indicates strong commercial interest and support for women’s football, with various brands keen to associate themselves with the prestigious tournament

Rugby-inspired ticket technology scores £1m investment

Fanbase, a ticketing technology company inspired by rugby, has secured a £1 million investment. The platform aims to enhance fan engagement and data analytics for sports events, allowing clubs to have better insights into their supporters’ preferences while providing a seamless ticketing experience.

Packers See Venture, Investing as Way to Diversify Beyond Core Business

The Green Bay Packers view venture investing as a means to diversify their interests beyond their core football business. By investing in startups and emerging companies, the NFL team aims to explore new opportunities and potentially increase its revenue streams beyond traditional sports operations.

Daniel Snyder is selling NFL team for $6 billion & what to know about new owner Josh Harris

The Washington Commanders’ sale has progressed as Daniel Snyder, the team’s current owner, faces increasing pressure to divest his majority stake. Potential buyers, Josh Harris and Steve Apostolopoulos, are among those interested in purchasing the NFL team, signaling a potential ownership change for the franchise.

Premier League CEO Richard Masters ‘not too concerned’ by Saudi Arabia’s soccer investment

Richard Masters, the Premier League’s CEO, has been transferred to Saudi Arabia for a high-profile role with the Saudi Public Investment Fund. This move comes as a surprise to the football community, leaving questions about the potential impact on the Premier League’s leadership and future direction.


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