SportsTech Investment Recap – July 13th

Sports Industry Money – 3 Min Read

Barcelona’s Spotify deal helps boost new sponsorship revenue to €97.6m for 2022/23

Barcelona’s commercial revenue for the 2022-23 season has set a record, increasing by 4% from pre-pandemic levels. The club sold over a million tickets for the first time ever, and also saw record incomes from men’s basketball and women’s football. New sponsorship deals with Spotify, Whitebit, Stanley, Scotiabank, Bimbo and Herno contributed to the €97.6m made in sponsorship fees.

US Soccer strikes ‘transformative’ Coca-Cola sponsorship deal

U.S. Soccer and Coca-Cola have agreed to a long-term partnership that will see the iconic beverage brand become the official soft drink of the Federation. The deal, which is one of the most significant in U.S. Soccer history, will see Coca-Cola help to grow the game at all levels in the country

Read the Pitch decks from sports and video game startups that helped raise millions of dollars

Business Insider provides a list of 10 sports-focused startups that raised millions of dollars, along with their pitch decks. The article discusses the key elements of a successful pitch deck for sports and video game startups, such as the problem they solve, their solution, and their market opportunity.

Influential Sports Dealmaker Raises $760 Million in New Money

The Raine Group, a sports-focused investment firm, has raised $760 million for its fourth fund. The fund will be used to invest in growth-stage companies in the sports, media, entertainment, and gaming industries. The Raine Group has been involved in some of the biggest deals in sports history, including the sale of Chelsea FC and the takeover of WWE.

Critics have doubts about New York’s huge winter sports tourism investment

New York state is planning to spend $1 billion on refurbishing winter sports and tourism sites. Critics are concerned that the investment is risky, given the potential impacts of climate change. Critics argue that the investment is not worth the risk; They also point out that the state has a history of losing money on sports mega-projects.

Greenfly Acquires AI Startup to Improve Shortform Sports Curation

Greenfly, a digital content management platform, acquired Miro AI, an AI startup that uses tech to identify athletes and logos in photos and videos. The acquisition will help Greenfly improve its shortform sports curation capabilities

Startup for Reselling Non-Refundable Tickets Raises $3 million

Fairlyne, a startup that helps people resell non-refundable tickets, raised $3 million in seed funding. The company plans to use the funds to expand its platform and team, and to develop new features that make it easier for people to resell their tickets.


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