SportsTech Investment Recap – August 17th

Sports Industry Money – 3 Min Read

Neymar 300$ Move

Game-Changer Neymar Ignites $300M Move to Saudi Pro League!

Neymar’s $300 million move to the Saudi Pro League, highliting the growing impact of the league. This could significantly influence the sports industry as it displays the growing financial power of Saudi Arabia and its ability to attract top-level talent.

CVC Capital Partners’ IPO Plans Illuminate Expanding Sports Horizon

Private equity firm CVC Capital Partners is reportedly considering an IPO as it aims to expand in the sports industry. This move could potentially catalyze further investment in sports teams, leagues, and events, and drive increased financial interest and growth within the sector.

Revolutionizing Football Training: CoachBetter Raises $29M in SportsTech

CoachBetter, a Switzerland-based sports tech startup, has secured a $29 million investment to enhance its European football coaching platform. This news could revolutionize the sports industry by improving coaching techniques, player development, and overall performance.

Jabbr Secures €685k Funding to Revolutionize Communication

Jabbr, a Finnish sports tech startup, has raised €685k in funding. The investment will enable Jabbr to enhance its AI-powered sports coaching platform, which could revolutionize training techniques and performance analysis in the sports industry.


Drake Star, a technology-focused investment bank, counted 105 M&A sports tech deals in the spring quarter ending June 30, headlined by the $9.3 billion acquisition of WWE by Endeavor Group.


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