Sports Tech Industry Newsletter – 2021 Highlights

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Welcome to the 2021 Sports Tech Industry News Highlights. Here we have highlighted some of the biggest stories to shake the sports universe this year. Enjoy the rewind.

Sports Tech Industry Newsletter – 2021 Highlights


Coronavirus pandemic estimated to cost Europe’s top soccer clubs around €2 billion

The coronavirus pandemic is projected to take a heavy toll on the financial figures of the European football market with a recent study claiming that just the top 20 revenue-generating clubs lost around a staggering figure of €1.1 billion (US$1.33 billion) during the 2019/20 season.


Virtual reality racing popularity continues to rise

BMW leverages real-world Formula E experience and adds new feautures. This was big news back in the month of February, but with the rise of sports in Metaverse, it will be even bigger news throughout the coming future.


Legalizing sports betting in the US, a cause for trouble in paradise?

As of March 1st 21 states had already legalized sports betting while 14 others were working on the legalization. Since then, the explosion of sports betting in the USA has been greater than anyone could have expected.


Introducing the Fastest Mobile Game to Make $1 Billion

Genshin Impact set a new standard for mobile video game earnings after becoming the fastest mobile game to generate more than $1 billion in player spending. The game has now gone on to win 2021’s Mobile Game of the Year at the game awards.


Manchester City dropping NFTs

Earlier this year Manchester City were named “the most innovative sports team in the world,” and after winning the Premier League they put a stamp of confirmation on that by dropping NFTs. This became a trend that dozens of Europe’s biggest clubs would go on to follow.


Tokyo Olympics 2020 set to feature state of the art innovation

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics adopted and featured new innovative tech to make guest and viewer experiences more innovative, interactive, and immersive! Let’s take a look back at all the different technologies that changed Future Olympic events forever!


Netflix set to enter the world of gaming.

Back in July, Nnetflix’s original plans to enter the gaming industry began. Since then, they have already released their first round of mobile games for both Apple and Android devices.


Drone Soccer – The Next Wave of Sports

The world’s newest E-sport, Drone Soccer, had it’s innagural tournament in Colorado back in the month of August. Since then, the sport has received tons of backing, and could become a major American sport.


Facebook Fantasy Games Launches in the US and Canada – More Games to Follow

Facebook is getting into the world of fantasy sports and in the coming months they plan to follow up with other games such as “Fantasy Bachelorette”.


Is Blockchain Gaming the Future of Esports?

Bitkraft Ventures launches new $75M fund that will invest in both tokens and equity within the blockchain gaming sector.


“I’m going to Nikeland!” Nike, Roblox Team to Offer VR Space

Mobile integrated platform will provide immersive gaming experience in just-announced metaverse offering


The promise I made to my children!

Metaverse is changing the game in sports tech, but where do sports fit into web3? Check out how augmented spaces are disrupting the ecosystem


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