Sports Money Recap – September 7th

Sports Industry Money – September 7th – 3 Min Read

DAZN acquires content platform “Ata Football” setting to Revolutionize Women’s Soccer

Sports streaming platform DAZN has acquired AT&T’s sports platform, AT&T Sports Networks. This acquisition is expected to boost DAZN’s presence in the sports industry, particularly in women’s soccer, and may lead to increased viewership and opportunities for growth in sports streaming.

F1’s Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz join new €50m athlete-driven Apex Capital fund

Apex launches €50 million Elite Performance Fund, backed by top athletes like Lando Norris, Carlos Sainz and Raphaël Varane, focusing on sports, media, and entertainment sectors. This news has the potential to significantly impact the sports industry by providing financial backing and resources for aspiring athletes and boosting overall competition and performance.

Israeli Cybersecurity Startup Backed by Steph Curry’s Raises $50 Million

Israeli cybersecurity startup Upwind has raised $50 million in funding to expand its offerings, which could have significant implications for the sports industry. With increased cybersecurity measures in place, sports organizations can better protect sensitive data and prevent hacking incidents, ensuring a safer environment for athletes and fans.

Game-Changing Investment: MMA Takes Saudi Sports Industry by Storm

Saudi Sports Fund’s first major investment in MMA, aiming to promote the growth of the sport in Saudi Arabia. This move can potentially boost the popularity and development of MMA globally, attracting more investment and expanding its fanbase.

The Winning Edge: Leveraging AI for Sports Tech VC Decision-Making

“The most effective approach is to view AI as a complement to human judgment rather than a replacement, striking a balance between automation and human insight for successful sports tech investments.” writes Amir Raveh, Founder and president at HYPE Sports Innovation.


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