Sports Money Recap – September 28th

Sports Industry Money – 3 Min Read

History in the Making: LKYsunz Secures $1 Billion for Asian F1 Venture

Asian F1 hopeful team LKYSUNZ has successfully secured $1 billion in funding. This financial boost could enhance competition, diversity, and global appeal, encouraging growth and innovation in Formula 1 and creating new opportunities for teams and drivers.

Warriors valued at US$7bn as shareholders put 10% stake up for sale

The potential sale of a minority stake in the Golden State Warriors could have significant implications for the sports industry, as it reflects the increasing value and investment opportunities in major sports franchises.

Is Coffee becoming the next big trend in sports tech?

Coffee is gaining popularity in the sports industry, as evidenced by the partnership between sports teams and coffee brands, such as Beekeeper. This trend could result in increased revenue streams for sports teams and provide unique fan experiences at games.

Omada secures €7.1 million in Seed funding

Omada, a social prediction mobile game for sports fans, has raised €7.1 million in seed funding. This significant investment could potentially revolutionize the sports industry.

The article discusses Mohammed bin Salman’s response to critics calling Saudi PIF’s sports investments “sports washing.” This news could potentially impact the sports industry by raising questions about the motives and credibility of such investments, affecting the perception of sports sponsorship and partnerships.


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