Sports Money Recap – October 5th

Your Sports Money Weekly Update – 3 Min Read

Former CNN Chief Invests in Game-Changing Sports News Startup

Former CNN Chief Jeff Zucker has made a significant investment in sports business news startup Front Office Sports. This move could have a significant impact on the sports industry, potentially bringing new insights and coverage to the world of sports business.

Shift4’s $100 million purchase sets new industry record!

Shift4, a payment technology company, is set to acquire certain assets of SpotOn Technologies’ assets related to sports and entertainment for about $100 million in cash. Shift4 forecasts the deal will have no material effect on its 2023 financial results, with a contribution in 2024.

SeasonShare has closed a multi-million-dollar seed round

SeasonShare, a platform that allows fans to invest and share tickets in professional sports teams, has completed a seed funding round led by 11 Tribes Ventures. The platform’s innovative approach has the potential to revolutionize the sports industry by allowing fans to easily access and invest in their favorite teams.

Antoine Griezmann among star athletes backing Athletico Ventures investment fund

Athletico Ventures, an investment fund backed by football stars Antoine Griezmann, Eric Dier, and Olivier Giroud, aims to support and invest in sports technology startups. This move could potentially revolutionize the sports industry by fostering innovation and driving advancements in technology within the sector.

Private Market Investors say Capital Influx ‘Changing The Game’ of Sports

The article discusses the Greenwich Economic Forum’s focus on investments in sports. This could potentially impact the sports industry by attracting more capital and potentially leading to further growth and innovation in the sector.


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