Sports Money Recap – November 30th

Your Sports Money Weekly Update – 3 Min Read

Mark Cuban to sell Dallas Mavericks for $3.5B

The Adelson family has recently started negotiations to acquire a substantial stake in the NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks. The agreement is estimated to value around $3.5 billion dollars and take weeks for the league to process. Although the development has the potential to reshape the team’s ownership landscape, sources indicate that Mark Cuban is set to retain his position as franchise’s governor, in control of all basketball-related decisions within the team.

Deloitte's Billion-Dollar Forecast for Women's Elite Sports in 2024

Deloitte predicts that women’s elite sports are to generate more than one billion dollars in revenue by 2024. This analysis, based on the three main categories of revenue for women’s sports; match day, broadcast and commercial, indicates substantial growth and economic potential for female athletes and their leagues.

NASCAR to Include Streaming in $7.7B Media Rights Deal

NASCAR innovates by adding two new partners and streaming elements to a 7-year media rights deal that will run from 2025 through the 2031 season. The new media deal worth $7.7B, reflects NASCAR’s embrace of innovative viewing trends and mission to reshape the racing experience and enhance viewing accessibility for fans.

Champions League Financial Game Unveiled by Barca's €776M WIn

FC Barcelona’s triumph in the Champions League against Porto, securing a substantial €776 million payout. Forbes dives into the economic impact of the victory, highlighting the profitability associated with success in elite football tournaments especially for esteemed clubs such as Barcelona.


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