Sports Money Recap – August 31st

Sports Industry Money August 31st – 3 Min Read

Are you a Game-Changing VC Fueling Sports Tech Startups? Insider is looking for you.

For the first year, Insider seeks nominations for top venture capitalists investing in sports startups. This could attract more funding and support for innovative sports companies, leading to advancements in technology, fan engagement, and overall growth within the sports industry. Submit your nominations in the link below.

UK government collaborates with Deloitte and IWG to launch investment accelerator for women’s sport.

Women’s sport aims to become £1bn industry by 2030: The UK Women’s Sport Investment Accelerator Programme aims to boost funding and support for women’s sports businesses. This initiative could have a significant impact on the sports industry by increasing opportunities and resources for women’s sports and promoting gender equality in sports business ventures.

Qatar Sports Investments Acquires World Padel Tour and Set To Merge With Premier Padel!

Game-changing Padel Powerhouse: Qatar’s purchase of the World Padel Tour and plans for a merger with Premier Padel could significantly impact the sports industry, expand the global reach and exposure of the sport, and potentially drive further investment and growth in the padel industry.

Revolutionizing Sports Media: Jeff Zucker Powers CNN Front Office.

CNN President Jeff Zucker is reportedly forming a new venture with RedBird Capital and iM Global Partner, potentially shaking up the sports industry. The partnership could bring new opportunities and competition in sports media and content creation.

Messi-Led Inter Miami Projects MLS Record $200M Revenue in 2024!

Inter Miami’s potential signing of Lionel Messi could generate $200 million in revenue, making it a game-changer for the sports industry. The move would not only elevate the team’s status but also attract global attention and drive significant economic growth.


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