Sports Money Recap – August 24th

Sports Industry Money – 3 Min Read

Women’s Soccer Revolution: $100M Game-Changer Unleashed!

A $100 million backing for the Mercury 13 project aims to revolutionize women’s soccer. This news could have a significant impact on the sports industry by boosting investment and opportunities for women sports.

Saudi Arabia’s Multibillion-Dollar Sports Tech Vision.

Saudi Arabia is set to launch a multibillion-dollar sports investment group, signaling its ambition to redefine the sports tech landscape. The initiative, housed within the kingdom’s sovereign wealth fund, highlights Riyadh’s commitment to expand its sports interests beyond golf and English football.

Novig Secures $6.4M Seed Funding to Transform Sports Betting Landscape

Novig, a sports betting exchange startup backed by Y Combinator, has successfully secured $6.4 million in seed funding ahead of its launch in Colorado. This transformative venture aims to revolutionize sports betting by eliminating traditional sportsbooks, allowing users to bet directly against friends or the market.

AI-Powered SportsVisio Secured $3 Million to Revolutize Basketball Analysis.

SportsVisio, an AI-powered basketball analysis platform, recently secured $3 million in funding. This development could revolutionize the sports industry by providing advanced tools for player performance evaluation and strategic decision-making in basketball, potentially giving teams a competitive edge.

Athlete Investment Fund Opens Doors to Investment Triumph

London-based The Players Fund aims to unite and empower athlete investors with a €47 million fund. This move could potentially revolutionize the sports industry by providing athletes with financial opportunities beyond their playing careers, enabling them to become active players in the business and investment world.


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