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The Future of Fantasy & Sports Betting

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The SportsTech Forum is an exclusive platform conceived by leading figures from Sports Brands, Clubs, and Federations. Its mission? To foster learning, share case studies, and tap into the boundless potential of innovative solutions that are powering the sports industry.

In our latest forum session, we ventured into the exciting domain of the Future of Fantasy and Sports Betting, exploring its newest trends and challenges. Our guide on this journey? None other than Eric Rimsky, the NBA’s Vice President of Fantasy and Sports Betting. 

With a career spanning over 15 years in the Sports, Media, & Entertainment sectors, Eric’s insights promised to shed a valuable light on this rapidly evolving landscape.

Eric addressed critical questions that concern every brand venturing into this space:

  • What metrics does the NBA use to measure success in this realm?
  • What are the biggest challenges for brands?
  • How can brands optimize future revenue and fan engagement?
  • What are the first steps in crafting a fantasy sports and sports betting strategy?

Amir Raveh, Founder and CEO of HYPE Sports Innovation, kicked off the session by highlighting the ongoing transformation in the industry. He pointed to the shift from passive watching to active participation and the potential for fans to directly impact game results as a sign of exciting times ahead.

Navigating the tricky waters of sports betting, Amir acknowledged the potential risks, emphasizing the need for responsible handling to protect a brand’s reputation. But he also urged an open-minded approach, underlining the dynamic and vibrant nature of sports betting and fantasy sports.

“We’re not here to glorify betting,” Amir stated. “We’re here to explore the opportunities that lie within the realm of sports betting and fantasy sports. This field is vibrant, dynamic, and rapidly evolving. It offers us an incredible chance to enhance fan engagement and significantly boost revenue.”

If you’re as excited as we are by the potential of this field, you’re in luck. The recording of this insightful session is now available. If you are a Sports Brand, Club, or Federation and would like to gain access to the recording and become a part of the SportsTech Forum, please register by visiting the following link:

Join us in the journey to the future of fantasy sports and sports betting.

Written by: The HYPE Team

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