HYPE GVA Taiwan Celebrates 9th Cycle Demo Day

Full story below!

It was yet another brilliant Demo Day to remember put on by our partners at IAPS!

After 100 plus applications with 14 startups making it into the Bootcamp, 10 International Startups from Canada, India, Ukraine, Switzerland, and Taiwan, joined together to make our HYPE GVA Taiwan 9th Cycle Cohort! The 10 startups in our cohort were gathered alongside 25+ Mentors, Investors, Jury, and others in one virtual hybrid event! Joining for a global celebration of Sports Tech and Innovation.

A special thank you to our amazing partners IAPS 陽明交大產業加速器 as well as the Sports Administration of the Ministry of Education.

Additionally, thank you to all our event partners, ASPN, Decathalon Taiwan, and the National Taiwan Sport University.

Now, let’s introduce the REAL stars of the show!

Startups accepting their certificate of graduation

Here are the amazing startups that participated from the cohort:


Space Capsule

Bolt Sports


3T Magic Technology


Lets Play


GoSky AI


And the specific winners of the HYPE GVA Taiwan Award:

Dartle & Space Capsule!

Looking forward to the next cycle!

Stay tuned for more.

Daniel Rabinowitz


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