How to Navigate Visitor Behavior Through Innovation?

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An In-Depth Case Study on Enhancing Event Insights and Operational Efficiency

TD Garden stands as a beacon in the heart of Boston, hosting a myriad of events ranging from high-stakes sports competitions to captivating concerts. With its diverse array of events, understanding the nuanced behaviors of attendees within the arena’s expansive footprint is crucial. This case study delves into the innovative use of Advanced Radio Mapping (ARM) technology at TD Garden to unravel the complex patterns of visitor movements and interactions across various event types.

The Challenge

TD Garden sought to gain a deeper understanding of attendee behaviors not only during events but also within the year-round operational hub hall food court. The goal was to discern behavioral differences across event types, enhancing operational strategies and visitor experiences. This required a sophisticated, data-driven approach to capture and analyze the intricate dynamics of visitor movement within the arena’s multifaceted environment.

The Solution

To tackle this challenge, TD Garden turned to ARM’s state-of-the-art sensor technology. ARM’s solution involved a permanent installation of 44 sensors strategically placed at key points such as entrances, bars, concessions, and the full stadium. This setup was designed to expand to approximately 250 sensors, providing a comprehensive real-time data feed into ARM’s dashboard. This allowed for detailed mapping of visitor movements, dwell times, engagement levels, and crossover points throughout the venue.

Implementation and Expansion

The initial phase saw sensors installed around crucial areas including the main entrance, hub hall, concourses, and select bars. This infrastructure laid the groundwork for an exhaustive analysis of attendee behaviors across a spectrum of events, from concerts to sports like ice hockey and basketball. The insights gleaned from this data paved the way for discussions on a broader implementation within TD Garden and potential expansion to other Delaware North properties.

Results & Outcomes

This ongoing project has already yielded valuable insights into how attendee behaviors vary by event type. The ARM technology has provided TD Garden with a nuanced understanding of visitor dynamics, informing operational decisions and enhancing the overall guest experience. With the success of this initial installation, TD Garden and ARM are exploring further expansions of the sensor network and a deeper collaboration across the Delaware North portfolio.

Benefits for TD Garden:

  • Rich insights into attendee behaviors, improving event management and operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced ability to tailor services and amenities to meet the unique needs of different event attendees.
  • A foundation for expanding data-driven operational strategies to other venues within the Delaware North portfolio.

Benefits for Attendees:

  • A more seamless and enjoyable experience, with improved services and reduced congestion.
  • Personalized experiences tailored to the unique demands of each event type.

The partnership between TD Garden and Advanced Radio Mapping represents a pioneering step towards a future where venue management is driven by deep, actionable insights into attendee behaviors. This case study not only highlights the transformative potential of ARM technology in enhancing venue operations and visitor experiences but also sets the stage for its broader application across the Delaware North ecosystem.

About TD Garden

As a premier venue for sports and entertainment, TD Garden hosts over 3.5 million guests annually, offering a vibrant calendar of events in Boston. Its commitment to innovation and visitor satisfaction makes it a leader in the venue management industry.

About ARM

Advanced Radio Mapping, a HYPE Alumni Startup specializes in leveraging IoT technology to provide detailed insights into spatial dynamics within large venues, improving operational efficiencies and enhancing visitor experiences through data-driven decision-making.

About HYPE Sports Innovation:

Founded in 2015, HYPE Sports Innovation is the largest global ecosystem for SportsTech helping over 100 teams, leagues, and federations to increase revenue and reduce costs through innovation. HYPE has the largest equity holding portfolio of Sports Tech startups to date, successfully generated hundreds of business engagements and deals through its ecosystem. HYPE has vetted 3500+ SportsTech startups.

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