How RBFA Scored Big with AI-Driven Ticket Sales?

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Belgian National Team Outstanding results using AI Driven Ticket Sales

In the face of challenges such as unsegmented mass mailing leading to high unsubscribe rates and the impact of Covid-19 leaving stadiums empty, the Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA) teamed up with Full Venue to redefine their ticket sales strategy. Leveraging advanced AI technology for precise audience segmentation and profiling, this collaboration set a new precedent in sports marketing effectiveness.

The Club’s Challenges:

  • Mass mailing without segmentation, leading to unsubscribes and a poor ROI
  • Increase ticket sales
  • Covid-19 leading to empty stadiums

The Solution: 

An AI Platform that predicts the exact likelihood of a potential customer to make a purchase using machine learning algorithms in Ecommerce, Advertising, and events around the world. 

By collecting historical data to feed the Full Venue algorithm and creating high performing segments for E-mail marketing actions and personalized target audiences for Social Media Advertising the following was possible. 

Results & Outcomes 

E-Mail Marketing: 

  • +44% Open Rate 
  • +100% Click-Through Rate 
  • -80% Bounce Rate

Social Media Ads: 

  • +36% Click-Through Rate
  • -13% Cost Per Click 
  • Save 1.000€ per 100,000 clicks

Tickets Sold: 

Comparing this match with the previous one, the Federation was able to sell 16,000 tickets more (from 21,000 to 37,000)

More than 6,000 tickets were inside FULL VENUE’s high performing segments

Benefits for the Fans

For the fans, this meant receiving more relevant and engaging content, leading to a more personalized and enjoyable engagement with the club. The use of AI for targeted communication reduced overwhelming and irrelevant messages, enhancing the overall fan experience and increasing excitement and participation in club events, particularly in challenging times like the pandemic.

Benefits for the Club

This partnership significantly enhanced the club’s marketing efficiency, resulting in a substantial increase in ticket sales, improved engagement rates, and reduced marketing costs. The AI-driven approach allowed for more effective segmentation and targeting, leading to better utilization of marketing resources and a stronger connection with potential ticket buyers. This strategic partnership not only addressed immediate challenges but also laid the groundwork for long-term improvements in fan acquisition and revenue generation through advanced data analysis and personalized marketing efforts.

About the Royal Belgian Football Association

The RBFA is the governing body for football in Belgium and ongoing HYPE partner, overseeing all aspects of the national sport, including club and national team competitions. It plays a crucial role in developing football talent, promoting the sport, and ensuring it thrives at all levels throughout the country. The RBFA is committed to the growth and success of Belgian football, both domestically and on the international stage.

About Full Venue

Full Venue is a cutting-edge technology company specializing in AI-driven solutions for the sports and entertainment industry and part of HYPE’s Startup Portfolio. They focus on enhancing audience engagement and revenue generation for their clients through advanced data analytics, machine learning algorithms, and targeted marketing strategies. Full Venue’s innovative approach to audience segmentation and profiling enables organizations to optimize their marketing efforts and create more personalized experiences for fans.

About HYPE Sports Innovation: 

Founded in 2015, HYPE Sports Innovation is the largest global ecosystem for SportsTech helping over 100 teams, leagues, and federations to increase revenue and reduce costs through innovation. HYPE has the largest equity holding portfolio of Sports Tech startups to date, successfully generated hundreds of business engagements and deals through its ecosystem. HYPE has vetted, 3500+ SportsTech startups. 

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