How did Silverstone get 13x for the F1 British Grand Prix?

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Unlocking Efficiency and Innovation: The Strategy Behind Silverstone’s Remarkable ROI

This case study explores Silverstone’s use of OnePlan for the Formula 1 British Grand Prix, highlighting the event’s planning efficiency and the positive outcomes of adopting a unified planning platform. It details the challenges faced, the solutions implemented, and the benefits realized, providing insights into the practical application of OnePlan in a major sporting event context.

The Brand’s Challenges:

  • Need for efficient collaboration among various stakeholders
  • Seeking a streamlined and effective event planning process
  • Desire to replace outdated tools with a more integrated solution
  • Improving supplier management and communication

The Solution:

OnePlan facilitated improved collaboration and efficiency by providing a comprehensive, all-in-one planning solution that replaced outdated methods. It streamlined the planning process, enhanced supplier management, and reduced the need for physical site visits, leading to significant time savings and operational improvements for the F1 British Grand Prix event planning team.

Results & Outcomes

  • 13x ROI on monthly subscription
  • 10% of days saved
  • 5% saved on supplier efficiencies
  • Reduced need for physical site visits, saving time and resources

Benefits for the Brand

Silverstone experienced numerous benefits from using OnePlan for the F1 British Grand Prix, including a streamlined event planning process, better collaboration with stakeholders, and a more efficient use of resources. This led to a substantial return on investment and enhanced operational effectiveness, contributing to the successful execution of a major sporting event.

About Silverstone

Silverstone is renowned for its rich history in motorsport, being one of the most prestigious venues in the racing world. It is famously known for hosting the British Grand Prix, a key event in the Formula 1 calendar. The circuit’s blend of high-speed straights and challenging corners makes it a favorite among drivers and fans alike, contributing to its iconic status in the world of motorsport.

About OnePlan

OnePlan is a versatile event planning platform designed to streamline and enhance the organization of various events. It provides users with tools for detailed planning, collaboration, and management, all within a single interface. This platform aims to replace traditional, less efficient methods with a more integrated and user-friendly approach, facilitating better communication among stakeholders and improving overall event execution.

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