How did Atletico Mineiro Generate 15,000 New App Downloads?

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Building a Community with a Smart Football Jersey

Discover how Atlético Mineiro’s innovative approach to fan engagement, through the introduction of a smart football jersey, led to an impressive increase in app downloads. This blog explores the club’s journey to overcome challenges such as insufficient fan data, low app engagement, and counterfeit merchandise, and how their strategic use of technology in the Manto da Massa jerseys captivated fans and enhanced their connection to the team.

The Club’s Challenges:

  • Lack of first-party data about fans.
  • Low number of club app downloads.
  • Counterfeiting of official jerseys. 
  • Increasing Merchandise Sales

The Solution:

Each of the 120,000 Manto da Massa jerseys incorporated a secure ZATAP NFC tag, enabling purchasers to authenticate the jerseys via a smartphone scan. This process also allowed users to unlock a digital version of the jersey and exclusive content through a rewards program. This approach enabled Atlético Mineiro to enhance its engagement with fans and gather valuable insights into their preferences, paving the way for personalized offerings and new revenue opportunities through upselling club and sponsor merchandise.

Results & Outcomes 

  • 23% of jersey purchasers scanned their Manto da Massa jersey using their smartphones, with nearly 20% scanning multiple times. 
  • 96.6% of those who registered their jersey also turned on push notifications. 
  • The smart jersey initiative led to over 15,000 new app downloads and sign-ups, representing 12.6% of purchasers who didn’t previously have the Atlético Mineiro app. 
  • 9.6% of buyers engaged with at least one sponsor link through the app, indicating a high level of fan interaction and engagement with the content provided.

Benefits for the Fans:

  • Fans can verify their jersey’s authenticity
  • Participate in a loyalty scheme where activities earn points and enable competition on a leaderboard
  • Locate and connect with fellow jersey owners via a map feature.

Benefits for the Club:

  • The Smart jersey registration fostered connections among fans, boosting satisfaction and driving 15,000 new app interactions.
  • ZATAP’s technology increased the Manto da Massa jersey’s price by 10%, enhancing Atlético Mineiro’s direct marketing to fans and leading to 9.8% of purchasers buying more items.
  • The club leveraged fan data to refine engagement strategies and deliver customized experiences, considering fans’ locations and owned products.

About Atlético Mineiro:

Atlético Mineiro, a prestigious football club from Brazil and HYPE GVA partner, boasts a rich history in the sport. The team is celebrated for its passionate fan base and significant contributions to Brazilian football. Atlético Mineiro has a legacy of success, marked by numerous state and national titles, and is recognized for its commitment to innovation and community engagement, consistently striving to connect with fans and enhance the football experience both on and off the field.

About ZATAP by CollectID:

ZATAP by collectID is an innovative technology solution and part of HYPE’s Startup Portfolio that specializes in integrating Near Field Communication (NFC) and blockchain to create secure, interactive products. This technology enables brands and organizations to authenticate products, engage consumers with exclusive content, and offer unique experiences through a simple tap with a smartphone. ZATAP’s platform is designed to enhance customer loyalty, combat counterfeiting, and provide valuable insights into consumer behavior by leveraging the power of digital interactivity and data security.

About HYPE Sports Innovation:

Founded in 2015, HYPE Sports Innovation is the largest global ecosystem for SportsTech helping over 100 teams, leagues, and federations to increase revenue and reduce costs through innovation. HYPE has the largest equity holding portfolio of Sports Tech startups to date, successfully generated hundreds of business engagements and deals through its ecosystem. HYPE has vetted, 3500+ SportsTech startups.

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