Creating a “Killer Email” to Investor: Structure + Video

5 Effective Tools to secure your next meeting with an investor.

Creating a “Killer Email” to Investor: Structure + Video

1. Personal Intro and ‘How did I get to you’

– The first few sentences would determine if he/she reads it or not, there has to be a hook in the first line that will get him or her to continue to read it

For example: ‘I was introduced to you by…’ or ‘I saw you yesterday at the conference and I was very impressed…’

2. Why this is interesting for them

– Here you start creating the context for the opportunity by referring to why you believe it will be relevant to the person

For example: ‘I thought of you with regards to this opportunity after seeing your market leadership in this space’ or ‘I thought of you regarding this opportunity after the successful ventures you’ve been involved in including…’ 

3. The Business/Investment opportunity

– Here you need to put in 3 lines why this is an amazing opportunity and why this is the time to do it and why this could be perfect for him/her.

For example: ‘As you know, the esports industry is about to become a $30B industry in the next few years, we have created a unique platform which already been tested by 3 major partners in the industry, so I thought this could be of interest to you to help make this a billion-dollar business.’ or you could refer to what you know about their previous business investments.

4. One-pager / Short deck

– Enclose a One-pager or short deck and refer to it

For example: ‘I enclosed a One-pager to create clarity on the opportunity’ or ‘I enclosed a One-pager to set the context for a call’

5. Call to Action

  • Here we put a very simple request to jump on a Zoom call

For Example: ‘I suggest we jump on a quick call so I can share with you the value proposition and some of the milestones we’ve already achieved’


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  • Greg Burton

    Feb 2, 2022

    This is the most successful setup for an intro email. But in addition, if possible, I would also suggest you talk to a mutual connection on LinkedIn, and ask if you should talk to the target person about the opportunity, and if you could use their name when you send the email. It then is a warm intro, not a cold email.