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Esports and the Need for Innovation

Esports and the Need for Innovation In 2020, the sports and entertainment world turned to esports for salvation.  With travel and fan attendance restricted for obvious reasons, it was thought that esports and its capacity for the virtual organization could fill the void left by traditional entertainment options. “To the industry’s credit, many of these … Continued

The fuel that will drive the Motorsports Industry in 2021

Recently, the temptation to start out any article with “it has been an unprecedented year“ is as powerful as it is redundant. As, I think it‘s fair to say that, we all can agree it‘s been a peculiar one to say the very least. That said, the global pandemic will most certainly accelerate a lot of changes and shifts in investments. This Is something that we’re already witnessing, with the motorsports industry-shifting gear into new technologies, with Electrification being a great example of that.