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The HYPE Global Virtual Accelerator has opened up the traditional accelerator to the entire world of sports tech….

Due to COVID-19 HYPE Sports Innovation adjusted its accelerator program and pivoted to a Global Virtual Accelerator (GVA). Until now, HYPE has typically run physical programs known as the HYPE SPIN® Accelerator with local host partners. The GVA has opened up the accelerator to the entire world of sports tech. Throughout the past two months 70+ startups – with the help of sports industry leaders from around the globe – assisted in creating solutions for real sports challenges. 

HYPE GVA program Demo Days begin next week and will focus on Esports & Media (July 28th) and SportsTech, (July 29th).

The Esports & Media Demo Day, hosted by GamingMalta, will bring technologies and solutions to the eSports and Sports-related Media industries, Monetization, engagement, AR/VR, analytics, user experience, new revenue streams, and interactivity, among others. While the Sports-tech demo day will be focusing on high performance and sustainability. We also specifically look forward to a “sea-side chat” with CO-CEO of ESL – Ralf Reichert within the proceedings. Save Your Seat Now!

President of HYPE Sports Innovation, Amir Raveh commented: 

“We look forward to the Esports Demo Day! The fast-growing Esports industry requires creativity, education, and innovation to rapidly advance and scale. Especially now, it’s important to invest in the next generation of sports, driving the world economy forward”

About HYPE:

HYPE is the leading global platform for Sports Innovation, with 40k+ members including Startups, Sports Leaders, Clubs, Brands, Investors, and Mentors. HYPE is a proven gateway for converting SportsTech into Business Success. 

Among our network, you can find brands and institutions such as FIBA, River Plate, Sina Sports, Amazon, 1.FC Koln, Loughborough University, and additional strong global partners.  HYPE also created an unmatched success portfolio including 200+ startups that graduated from the HYPE Accelerator, raising more than $180M, and 40% of them have also raised the 2nd round. 

Join HYPE and the Global Virtual Accelerator Startups for a celebration of sports tech, Secure Your Seat Here.


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