ASX – Seal a record funding round of €675,000 in less than 24 hours.

Technology platform offering an exciting new virtual Stock Market for Players and Teams raises €500,000 target in just 12 hours.

GVA 2.0 Vertical: Sports Betting

Based In: Dublin, Ireland

ASX is a Sports and Entertainment Technology company. It operates at the nexus of Sports Betting, Financial Market Investment, and Fantasy Games. ASX offers Sports Fans a new way to speculate on Player Performance or Team Performance. Think of it as a virtual Stock Market for Players and Teams where users speculate on the price movements which are based on Player/Team performance. With two funding rounds complete (pre-seed and seed) the  €675,000 secured during the pre-seed, and the seed round launched on Saturday (22 May) reached an impressive “half a million in half a day” that’s €500,000 target in just 12 hours. The seed campaign is currently ongoing. This round of funding puts them in prime position for a rapid Series A round.

As a part of the HYPE GVA 2.0 Program, ASX have been shortlisted for a pilot by 6 partners including, Las Vegas Knights, 1.FC Köln, Rogers Media as well as Sinclair to name a few. The future is very bright indeed, we look forward with much anticipation to the rapid growth and success of ASX.


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