All you need to know about Web 3.0 and Super Bowl LVII

All you need to know about Web3 and the Super Bowl.

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All you need to know about Web 3.0 and Super Bowl LVII

NFL Partners With Roblox to Bring the Super Bowl to the Metaverse

The NFL has partnered with Roblox to create a series of virtual experiences ahead of Super Bowl LVII. Under the collaboration, Roblox is being used as a platform for an experience dubbed “Super NFL Tycoon.” The new simulation offers users the chance to experience being an NFL team owner, undertaking tasks from drafting a team and building an “Intuit Stadium,” to managing cash flow, payroll, taxes and customer acquisition with the help of Intuit’s products. 

NFT giveaway set to go live during this year’s Super Bowl LVII

A new and upcoming Web3 company has weaved its way into the Super Bowl. Limit Break a Mobile Gaming developer from the United States. They have managed to raise a considerable lump of finances. $6.5 million has been poured into this commercial making it a big deal if you ask us. The ad is going to have a focus on DigiDaigaku, an NFT game from the team. Viewers will have to keep a look out as a QR code can be found somewhere in the ad.

Reddit Releases Themed Avatars for Super Bowl LVII

Reddit has announced a new set of custom avatars for the Super Bowl, created in partnership with the NFL, which will give football fans another way to engage with the event.

Report: Super Bowl LVI was crypto’s coming out party. This year, the party’s over.

Super Bowl LVI was the crypto world’s coming out party. Buzzy firms made bold pitcheslast year, and shelled out millions of dollars on ads encouraging viewers not to be afraid of this new-fangled digital investment — and for God’s sake don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity! You can expect a lot less noise from Team Crypto during Super Bowl LVII next Sunday.

Dialpad Brings Ai at Work to the Super Bowl

Dialpad to run first-ever ad at the Big Game on February 12, featuring 42 Ai easter eggs with nods to leading films and TV series, pop culture sensations, and historic discoveries.


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