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The Next Goosebump Experience for GenZ

Younger sports fans are demanding more interactive and engaging live experiences. Time to adapt!

GenZ demands transforming the sports experience as we know it.

Did you know: according to Deloitte’s 2023 sports survey, younger fans are shifting what the ideal sports viewing experience at home means.

  • Only 58% of Gen Z and Millennials said their favorite sports content is live events. Compared to 77% of fans in total.
  • More than 90% of Gen Z fans use social media to consume sports content, including game clips and highlights, live events, athlete interviews, and posts from athletes. 
  • 77% of fans said they participated in at least one sports-related activity while watching sports at home, whether looking up player statistics, using social media, playing fantasy sports, betting on the game, etc.

It is clear that younger sports fans are demanding more interactive and engaging live experiences and the sports media brands will need to supply them. 

AI, Quantum Computing, and VR – Get ready for the tech Innovation leap.

I want to walk you through some of the most thrilling and transformative experiences that the near future holds for us sports fans. These revolutionary changes are set to completely transform the way we engage with sports from the comfort of our homes. The convergence of three groundbreaking technologies – Artificial Intelligence (AI), Quantum Computing, and Virtual Reality (VR) – will create an entirely new home viewing experience, taking us closer to the action than ever before.

So buckle up, sports fans, as the future is about to deliver an unparalleled “goosebump experience” that will leave us breathless and eager for more. Let’s embrace this technological revolution and get ready for an extraordinary journey into the next era of home-viewing sports entertainment. Let’s dive in.

  1. Exclusive Viewing Angles: Get closer to the action like never before.
first hand player view

Picture yourself standing between the goalposts, feeling the pressure of a penalty shoot-out from the eyes of the goalkeeper. With just a swipe of your finger, you could view the player’s point of view, giving you a heart-pounding, front-row seat experience. These personalized viewing experiences, empowered by AI recommendations and 360-body cameras, can elevate your enjoyment of the game, allowing you to feel like an active participant, exploring the sport from every angle and enhancing your emotional connection to the game.

Companies in this area: Mindfly, Snipitz, UltraWide Air.

  1. Fan Engagement Wearables: Feel part of the action.
authenticated and personalized merchandise

Picture yourself donning a smart jersey and feeling your heartbeat race as your favorite player scores a last-minute goal, sensing their body temperature rise during a high-stakes match, or even experiencing adrenaline-pumping fatigue as they push themselves to their limits. This intimate connection with the athlete’s sensations not only amplifies your emotional involvement in the game but also deepens your appreciation for the dedication and skill of the players you admire.

Companies in this area: CollectID, Fanplay IOT.

  1. Holographic Viewing Experience: Bring the stadium into your living room.
volumetric 3D Viewing Experience

Imagine witnessing Michael Jordan’s iconic game-winning shot in the NBA Finals or Messi’s winning penalty recreated as a holographic display, allowing fans to relive the intensity and skill of that moment right before their eyes. fans will have a unique opportunity to relive legendary performances. Today, many startups in the field are using AI and VR technologies to help bring immersive and virtual experiences for sports fans.

Companies in this area: Microsoft Hololens.

  1. Enhance VIP Social Viewing: Connect and engage with like-minded fans.
VIP Fanzone and Watch Parties

Imagine watching a basketball game on a streaming platform where you can join a virtual watch party with a past NBA player as the host. At the virtual watch party, you can find yourself virtually seated in a designated section alongside other fans from around the world, complete with live audio feeds of crowd chants, combined goal celebrations, and even half time virtual show, allowing you to experience the electrifying atmosphere of a live game without leaving your home.

Companies in this area: Fanfest, Bleachr.

5.    AI-Generated Personalized Highlights: Relive your favorite moments.

Customized Personal Highlight Packages

By analyzing your viewing preferences, AI technology can create personalized highlight reels showcasing the best moments of your beloved team or player, all in one convenient package. Relive those breathtaking goals, incredible saves, and game-winning shots with a few taps on your device. This AI-powered feature not only saves you time but also reignites the goosebumps you felt during those unforgettable moments, leaving you with a heightened sense of appreciation for the sport and your most cherished players.

 Companies in this area: Sizzle, WSC sports.

The future holds some exciting technologies for the sports tech industry and NOW is the best time to discover these powerful innovations.  We invite you to join our mission at HYPE Sports Innovation and impact people’s lives through the power of sports and innovation. 

Stay tuned for more.

Amir Raveh HYPE S.I


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