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Fitness and Training

Komodo Monitr

Focuses on athlete development platform for strength & conditioning (S&C) coaches that work with amateur athletes. It automates providing key insights on each athlete so coaches can focus on developing and preparing athletes.

Fitness and Training


FORTË streams live and on-demand boutique fitness classes from the hottest studios worldwide directly to you. Founded in 2015, FORTË has revolutionized the fitness industry by providing access to avant-garde boutique studio classes coached by leading fitness experts worldwide. Both a technology and subscription based streaming platform, FORTË installs hardware and software into boutique studios, which enable the classes to be streamed live to FORTË ’s platform.

Fitness and Training


Freelates provides users Pilates equipment training units with a virtual trainer at “dead-locations”, such as office buildings, co-working spaces, malls & universities and users can deal with the entire process by the Freelates App.

Fitness and Training


J-MEX is the leading innovator in motion tracking technology.

Fitness and Training

Jian Ling 建菱科技股份有限公司 (Smart Motion)

Jian Ling created Smart Motion to intergrate balance trainging eqiuipment with 6-axis motion detection technology, Android platform, APP and cloud system to become a creative product – Smart Board.

Fitness and Training


Imaginative is a startup intersecting exercise with entertainment to transform workouts into immersive exercise experiences.

Fitness and Training


Hooves is built around making the most expensive sport in the world more accessible by bringing horses into the sharing economy.