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About HYPE Inside Track

Hosted by leading sports brands, the HYPE Inside Track program gives a group of up to 6 startups the opportunity to have a pilot with the brand, receive the necessary funding to plan and execute the pilot and gain exposure to the entire sportstech ecosystem.


Program Highlights

√ $50K investment per startup + $150K in program value

√ Up to 6 startups per cycle

√ Guaranteed pilot with a leading Brand / Club

√ Team up with industry experts for a successful pilot

√ Gain insights on the real challenges of the world of sports

√ Direct investment opportunity from the group members

√ Get the credibility stemp and entry to the industry

√ Get exposed to the largest SportsTech ecosystem

Our partners

A global network of 12 Locations

Key Verticals

Empowering 100s
of Startups worldwide

Investors and Mentors

Steve Schuster

CEO Rainier Communication

Amir Raveh

President & Founder HYPE S.I.

Gayatri Sarkar

Fund Managing Partner HYPE Capital

Uli Becker

Ex President & CEO Reebok

Guy-Laurent Epstein

Marketing Director UEFA

Federico Winer

Innovation Consultant, HYPE Board member

Ryan McCumber

Founder SportsTech.ai

Jean Leclercq

Former Tennis GM Nike

Noam Tamari-Wekser

Investor and Business Owner

Sebastien Audoux

Head of Digital Sport Canal+

Rod Nenner

Former VP Washington Football Team

Robert Müller von Vultejus

Managing Director bei Lagardère Sports

Jordi Cruyff

Head coach, Ecuador national football team. Advisory board member, HYPE Capital

Dorothee Berard

Innovation, Conception Leader, Decathlon

Ralf Reichert


Hiro Kishi

VP Sports Sponsoring T. Mobile

Ryan Mccumber

Founder & CEO at Sports Tech.ai

Alain Krzentowski

Founder Krzentowski finances

Jimmy Lynn

Co-founder and Vice-President at Kiswe Mobile

Yossi Sela

Managing Partner, Gemini Ventures

Robert Pincas

Investment director

Aviad Meitar

Entrepreneur and Investor, HYPE Capital

Hank Huang

Director, Center of Industry Accelerator and Patent Strategy
(產業加速器暨專利開發策略中心 主任 since 2013)

Federico Winer

Innovation Consultant, HYPE Board member

James Skinner

Director: Institute for Sport Business Loughborough University

Sarah J Kelly

Deputy Chair Brisbane Lions

Gerard Klein

Former GM Asics Footwear

Alexander Müller

CEO, SK Gaming E-Sport

Bernd Wahler

CEO Sportsgeist, Board member Blackroll AG, ex CMO adidas

Philipp Klotz

CEO & Co-Owner SPONSORs Verlag GmbH

Philipp Liesenfeld

FC Köln, Head of Corporate Development and Internationalization

Marion Reichel

1.FC Köln Innovation Management
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HYPE SPIN® Accelerator program is an important conjunction point between ideas and potential companies which will contribute to build a cluster of innovative sports companies in our region

Paolo Bouquet
University of Trento
Paolo Bouquet
Paolo Bouquet
University of Trento
Professor James Skinner
Professor James Skinner
Director of the Institute for Sport Business at Loughborough University
Dr Sarah Kelly
Dr Sarah Kelly
Senior Lecturer, sports law and marketing, University of Queensland
Bernd Wahler
Bernd Wahler
Former HYPE Chairman, ex CMO ADIDAS, ex President VfB Stuttgart
Rod Nenner
Rod Nenner
Former VP at the Washington Commanders
Callum Hemsley
Callum Hemsley
Jack Ng
Jack Ng
Sansible Wearables
Jim Law
Jim Law
Find a Player
William Ferguson
William Ferguson
Wylas Timing
Rob Joseph
Rob Joseph
CEO and co-Founder ANIT.ordinary
Craig Meek
Craig Meek
Jacopo Vigna
Jacopo Vigna
Bob Tetiva
Bob Tetiva
Sense Arena


Solving industry’s real challenges through innovative startups

Please contact:


We’ll get back to you shortly!

Absolutely. Applications are welcome from outside the hosting region and country. If you see yourself as high potential company in the areas of sports-innovation, do apply. Some of our programs may offer travel and support assistance as well.

We are looking for sports innovation companies with the highest potential for growth and return on investment. Selected startups cover a wide range of sectors, product stages and sizes. Whilst significant revenue is a strong validation of your business model, we still value other metrics to assess your growth potential.

We are excited about working with founders who are really passionate about solving a big problem and have taken the first steps to building something that customers find valuable. While we have found that teams with multiple co-founders are able to dramatically improve their positioning and offering following the program, we do occasionally invest in single founders. Typically a single founder has a product with customer traction and is actively seeking a co-founder, which is something we can also help you with.

Yes, you can apply to more than one of our programs. Once we reviewed your application and qualified you to interview phase, we can decide together which SPIN Accelerator will be the most suitable program.

No – you are only required to fill out the online application and we’ll take it from there.

SPIN Accelerators receive several hundred applications so it is impossible to sign an NDA with every applicant. Nevertheless, we treat application data as confidential information. Our application does not ask for your “secret recipe” and there is no reason you have to disclose this to us. We may ask for proof of your Intellectual Property status, however this does not relate to the contents of your idea.

Once you’ve submitted your application, the SPIN Accelerator program team will review your submission. If an initial fit exists between your startup and our program, we will get in touch to arrange an online interview. After the online interview, you may be invited to join a 3-day Bootcamp at the program location. During the Bootcamp you will be requested to pitch in front of the Bootcamp jury, consisting of the SPIN Accelerator program team, investors and top sports brands, who together make the final decision around the program’s participants.

Bootcamp invitations are usually sent approximately two (2) weeks in advance so the team will have sufficient time to plan accordingly.

No. We believe in people and ideas. If you are able to convince us that your idea has real growth potential and that your team has the right mixture of talent, experience and enthusiasm, we will be glad to have you on board.

No. We are also searching for companies start with $1m+ in revenue and/or $1m+ in funding. We also accommodate companies with pre-developed products and assist them with business model, introductions, financing, and more. Furthermore, HYPE also run additional programs for more advanced startups. When you apply, we will look carefully into your application form and details. If we see a possible match to one of our more advanced programs, we will gladly do the matching.

We are looking to identify great founders who are proposing products that solve real problems or create meaningful innovations. We rate applications mainly according to your market segment and potentials, quality of founders and teams, revenue model and a technical assessment.

Only twenty (20) companies are selected to participate in the Bootcamp, of which, up to twelve (12) teams will be invited to join the SPIN Accelerator final cohort.

The duration of the accelerator program is 3 month, including the Bootcamp period. In some of our programs, after this period, few teams may be invited to stay in the accelerator premises and will enjoy our facilities and networking for an extended duration.

The equity stake will differ between each cohort. Specific details will be communicated and become clear to those who are selected to take part in the SPIN Accelerator.

HYPE introduces the largest sports innovation ecosystem with over 26,000 leaders and key decision makers featuring global sport brands, academia, investors and startups. SPIN Accelerator program provides startups with direct access to the fastest growing network of sports innovation in the world. Participants will gain access to mentorship from top local and global industry leaders, connections with investors and worldwide exposure. SPIN Accelerators hosted by global partners are designed to bring start-ups a real advantage in the market. The SPIN Lab program is built to address your specific needs in terms of completing market validation, finding strategic partners and customers, and fundraising.

Participating startups will gain direct access to the biggest and fastest growing global network of sports innovation as well connection to a wide range of stakeholders which could support their activities. In addition, they will experience state-of-the-art methods for scaling their startups during the program. Ultimately, startups will be better placed to achieve their goals, especially in terms of go-to-market plans. At the end of the program the participating startups will be privileged to participate in the Demo Day event and pitch to a jury consisting of leading investors and top sports brands from HYPE eco-system and the local sports innovation community.

We do our best to avoid accepting competitive companies into the same program cohort. However, with the growing number of sports-innovation companies, it is possible that there may be competitive companies in one of the other SPIN Accelerator programs. In such event, we work to ensure there is no exchange of sensitive data. Remember that having two companies in the same area (not in the same program, though) could in fact provide stronger validation for your idea, and in cases there is mutual interest we can even connect between the teams for further collaboration.

Once graduated, you’ll become a proud member of the Alumni Growth program, which provides you with a continued access to a global ecosystem of industry leaders, top brands, founders and mentors. Most promising startups may be invited to participate in SPIN Final global events and advanced programs, as you are now part of HYPE’s Alumni

Startups that are accepted to participate in any of the various SPIN Accelerator programs will have the opportunity to pitch their company to jury consisting of leading investors and top sports brands from HYPE ecosystem and from the local sports innovation community.

While SPIN Accelerator is a major commitment, we do not require that you be primarily based onsite during the entire program. The program is made up of components of onsite and virtual support. In most programs, we expect up to 4 onsite visits will be required for the Bootcamp, Program kickoff, mid-program reality checks and the Demo Day. All other activities, seminars and mentoring will be supported virtually.

In most programs, co-working space for the program duration (within certain team size constraints) will be available.

We typically don’t directly provide accommodation as part of the program. However, we do provide in-depth support to help you find accommodation so the moving process as painless as possible.

If you think you are an expert in your field, and wish to give back to the sports innovation community, you are invited to contact us. We like to include in our ecosystem people who enjoy working with startups and see SPIN Accelerator as an opportunity to:
– Network and co-work with the most ambitious and talented people;
– Get familiar with the newest technology and direct contact with its development;
– Invest into companies at the very beginning;
– Promote the development of the global and local sports innovation ecosystem;
If you find yourself in this description, we will be happy to have you as a mentor.

Solving industry’s real challenges through innovative startups

Please contact:


We’ll get back to you shortly!