HYPE Sports Innovation Futuristic Stadium Manchester City Light Up the Tokyo Skyline with Holograph

Manchester City Tokyo Drifting with Holograph Activation

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Earlier this month Manchester City uploaded footage of their busses traveling the streets of Tokyo with a particularly innovative and impressive activation that has racked up millions of views on social media across Twitter and TikTok.

As the world of sports continues to embrace globalization, Premier League teams have been quick to recognize the immense potential in tapping into new markets, especially in Asia. In recent years, we have witnessed an increasing number of English football clubs venturing into the continent for their pre-season tours. Teams such as Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, and Manchester City have embarked on these tours, and the impact has been significant in terms of expanding their user reach and boosting merchandise sales.

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Expanding User Reach:

The decision to hold pre-season matches in Asia has proven to be a strategic move for Premier League teams. Asia boasts a massive population of football enthusiasts, and the sport’s popularity continues to surge across the region. By bringing live football action closer to Asian fans’ doorsteps, these English clubs have been successful in capturing the attention of millions of potential new followers.

Through the power of social media, live streaming, and partnerships with local broadcasters, Premier League teams have been able to engage with fans in Asia like never before. Highlights, interviews, and behind-the-scenes content from the tours go viral, creating a sense of excitement and inclusion among fans who might not have had the chance to see their favorite teams in action otherwise.

Additionally, hosting football clinics and fan meet-and-greet events during these tours have helped teams forge a deeper connection with their Asian supporters. Young fans get a chance to interact with their football idols, fostering a sense of loyalty and affinity towards the clubs. Such engagements play a crucial role in building long-term relationships and converting casual fans into dedicated supporters.

Boosting Merchandise Sales:

The surge in popularity of Premier League football in Asia has inevitably led to a significant boost in merchandise sales for these clubs. Football jerseys, scarves, hats, and other team memorabilia are highly sought after by fans eager to display their allegiance to their favorite clubs.

The reach of e-commerce and online marketplaces has made it easier for fans in Asia to access official merchandise from English football clubs. The convenience of ordering products online, coupled with exclusive tour-related merchandise, has resulted in a substantial increase in sales figures.

Moreover, hosting pop-up merchandise shops during the tours has become a common practice. These physical retail spaces allow fans to experience the club’s brand firsthand and make personalized purchases. The limited-edition nature of some tour-exclusive items adds a sense of urgency, encouraging fans to make impulse buys.

To Conclude:

The impact of Premier League teams holding their pre-season matches in Asia has been profound, particularly in terms of expanding user reach and boosting merchandise sales. The tours have enabled these English clubs to foster stronger connections with Asian fans, ultimately converting them into dedicated followers. Moreover, the surge in merchandise sales indicates a growing demand for club-related products in the Asian market.

As the global football community continues to embrace a borderless world of sports, it is likely that more Premier League teams will follow suit, seeking to engage with fans on a global scale, leaving a lasting impression on both the clubs and their Asian supporters.


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