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Introduction to generative AI in the key vectors that will impact your bottom line

Bryan Bedford

General Manager OTT


Data & AI Expert


Head of Innovation

Tennis Australia

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Saudi Pro League

Former CTO

Real Madrid

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Tuesday, March 19th | 2pm UK | 9am est

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This program is ideal for Senior Sports Properties Leaders who are interested in Market-ready Skills for Evaluating AI Solutions for their Organizations and to Develop an AI Strategy Proposal to Present to their Internal Stakeholders


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The Secret of Winning with AI

This event brings together industry leaders, and technology experts to discuss how AI will shape the future of sports.


HYPE Founder & President, Amir Raveh, sat down with old colleague and friend, Brian J. Esposito, to discuss everything from Brian’s story to his success as a serial entrepreneur today. This episode is jam-packed, and Brian is masterful storyteller who’s mastered the art of being an entrepreneur!

Today’s session features Daniel Bernard, an Investor and Venture partner at Mindspring Capital. Daniel joins our host Amir Raveh to discuss the current state of the market, and what parameters an investor looks for in today’s startups.

This week’s SportsTech LIVE Episode features PE & VC Investor, Javier de Rocafort. Together with HYPE president Amir Raveh, the two discuss how Web 3.0 is shaping the future of the Investment Industry.


Many startups did not survive the effects of 2020 and 2021. This year was pivotal for those who succeeded in emerging into the new sports era. We spoke with a few of our HYPE Sports Innovation founders, and asked them: What did they learn as startups in 2022?

In the early days at HYPE, I made my share of mistakes, but one was more painful than the others.

When startups approached me in order to introduce them to top sports executives or Investors, I was more than willing to help, so I contacted some of my closest colleagues working for big brands and investment firms and offered them the opportunity of meeting the startups.

The Future of ROI in Sports is Changing. HYPE Sports Innovation gathered all the data around the I-Tech Cup and has compiled a summary of all must-know data behind the event.

The sports tech world is growing on a rapid scale. Every sports brand wants to get BIGGER and staying in the game has become their top priority. 


With this in mind, my team and I spent the last few months meeting with the sports industry’s top brands, and discussing with them what their biggest pain points are. We worked tirelessly to put together a list of the most common answers we received.

Stay Tuned for More of the latest Updates and Insights in the Sports Industry.


Who We Are:

Our vision is to impact people’s lives through the power of sports and innovation. We’ve been doing that since 2015 with over 70K+ followers, experts, investors, and mentors – all contribute to the great value we generate across the ecosystem. We pride ourselves on the value we generate for our startups by engaging with our committed brands such as, CBS, FIBA, NYU, Disney Star, Miami dolphins and more…

Our Vision:

Impacting people’s lives through the power of Sports and Innovation.

Our Mission:

Solving real challenges: We are connecting the best startups with top brands and partners in the industry, offering them cutting-edge technology to solve their biggest challenges.